I am a third-generation Alaskan outdoorsman, born and raised in the 49th State. My fondest childhood memories revolved around the hunting, fishing, and outdoor activities that where a big part of family life in the North. I have been professionally engaged in guiding and big-game hunting activities all of my adult life, and it has been a pleasure to share Alaska with friends from around the world.

I received my Alaska Registered Guide license in 1985, under the direction of old-time bear hunter, trapper, and fisherman Bob Dettinger. I was licensed as Alaska Master Guide # 108 in 1998. I enjoy everything that Alaska has to offer, but I have a special regard for mountain hunting and the great Brown bears.

I have been blessed with a wonderful family: my wife Mae, daughter Stephanie, and son Shane. Shane gave his life in the cause of freedom while serving our Nation in Iraq during 2006. He continues to be a big part of Woods Outfitting as the inspiration for Shane's Purple Heart Hunts.

Wayne Woods