Fall Hunts

Fall Hunting

Fall is the time to enjoy nature's bounty in the North Country! Most of
our fall hunting is conducted out of cabins and camps on our
exclusive-guid use permit on private Chugach Alaska Native
Corporation lands. This is the time to hunt at a relaxed pace from
one of the wilderness cabins that we maintain. Wether you are
calling for Moose or stalking Brown bear on a salmon stream, this is
the way that Alaska was meant to be enjoyed.

This region is also known as a top producer for Rocky Mountain
Goats. We consistantly help clients take big-bodied, long-haired
Billies that are the envy of sportsmen around the world. This is a
difficult hunt for the active hunter that does not mind a challenge.
There is a good opportunity to harvest a trophy black bear while in
the alpine at this time as well. This is a backpack hunt, using spike camp
accommodations while engaged in the chase. All hunts are conducted
on a 1X1 basis.