Spring Hunts

Spring Hunting

It's all about the bears! Woods Outfitting hunts bear in some of
Alaska's most varied and rugged terrain- an area famous for scenic
natural beauty as well as difficult access, extreme weather and...
big bears!

The southcentral Gulf coastline and eastern Chugach Mountains is
ideal habitat for some of North America's largest Brown and Black
bears. The area's abundant salmon spawning streams and inter-
tidal zones make this a protein-rich environment. Rugged denning
areas and plenty of cover along with great genetics provides for
excellent trophy potential.

We have access to a quite large area from Eastern Prince William
Sound to the East Copper River Delta and on to Cape Suckling,
Which gives us the opportunity to "stretch our legs" and move with the
progression of the spring during the hunting season. Hunts are on
foot, with transportation in the field by boat or light aircraft. "Spot
and Stalk" is the method of hunting, conducted under the rules of fair
chase as described by the Boone & Crocket Club. Most spring
hunting is done using a combination of fixed and spike camp
accomodations while in the field.